About Us

My passion is music, especially when performed live and shared with an engaged audience. While I have performed music publicly since my junior high school band days, most of my involvement is now behind the scenes.

My music experience includes
  • 40 years of performance (yes, I'm counting junior high!)
  • Saxophone, guitar, hand percussion, and voice
  • Festival and community choirs
  • Church musicianship as director, guitarist, and singer
  • Community theatre, including singing, acting, and tech
  • Live and recorded sound production for school productions and large dance events

For me, music performance doesn't end at the microphone -- it extends to the sound console and DJ controller as well. I am as much involved as the people sweating it out on stage or the dance floor. However, a job well done is when I am not noticed; nothing should stand between the music and the audience, and my job is to help you make that connection with them.

Let me know how I can help you with your next special event!

Tim Moore
Adventure Sound Productions LLC